To copyright holders:

If you are the copyright holder of exclusive ownership rights to information (product), including:

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Recommended contents of the letter:

1. Information about the product (information):

1.1. Name

1.2. Official webpage or the source-page.

2. Information about the copyright holder:

2.1. Full name of the legal entity.

2.2. Mailing address (In case if the legal address and mailing address do not coincide, it is obligatory to submit the legal address).

2.3. Website of the copyright holder on the Web.

2.4. Business license (if such activity is licensed in accordance with the procedure established by law).

2.5. Contact person of the copyright holder (Last name, first name, patronymic, position held, contact info).

3. Information about the person, submitting the letter:

3.1. Last name, first name, patronymic.

3.2. Position held.

3.3. Phone number.

3.4. E-mail.

3.5. Copy of the power of attorney to act as the copyright holder (not required if the person filing the complaint is an authorized employee of the company of the copyright holder).

4. Complaint information:

4.1. Address of the webpage (indicate the website), which contains the information (product), offending the law.

4.2. Description of the nature of violated rights.

Upon receiving your letter, we will promptly provide you with an answer describing the work done to eliminate the unauthorized placement of your materials. The estimated time of processing a request is 1 business day.

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